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Saudi Casino's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy and Response to Suspicious Activity

Saudi Casino’s Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Policy

  1. Compliance with Legal Requirements: We are legally obligated to detect and prevent any suspected money laundering or fraudulent transactions that may occur through our services. We maintain comprehensive policies and procedures to identify and address suspicious activity to ensure full compliance with the law.

  2. Use of Funds: When engaging in gambling or betting activities on our Website or mobile applications, you agree that the funds used:

    • Must not originate from any criminal activity in any country worldwide.
    • Must not be redirected after withdrawal to fund any criminal activity in any country.
    • Must not be derived from or sent to any country under United States, United Nations, or European Union sanctions.
  3. Identity Verification and Source of Funds: As part of our AML policy, we may require you to provide documents to verify your identity, address, and source of funds. In some cases, notarized documents may be requested to meet regulatory standards.

  4. Regulatory Changes: As regulatory requirements evolve, our AML policy may change accordingly. You must adhere to any updates to the policy to continue accessing our Website or mobile applications.

  5. Reporting Suspicious Activity: We are bound by strict money laundering laws to report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities if we know, suspect, or have reason to suspect any of your transactions:

    • Involve funds derived from illegal activities.
    • Are meant to hide funds from illegal activities.
    • Are using our gambling and betting products to facilitate criminal conduct.
  6. Definition of Suspicious Activity: “Suspicious activity” refers to instances where we have reasonable grounds to believe you have placed bets or engaged in other conduct in contravention of our Terms and Conditions. This may include:

    • An unusually high frequency and pattern of play over a short time period.
    • Suspected abuse of our software, games, or promotions, or violation of our Terms and Conditions.
    • Misuse of mobile billing, such as depositing funds via phone bill and subsequently failing to pay the bill.
    • Use of a credit or debit card or other payment method that is not in your name.
    • An unusual frequency or pattern of deposits in your account.
  7. Response to Suspicious Activity: In case of suspected suspicious activity, we may, at our discretion:

    • Request further information to verify if the bet(s) constitute suspicious betting.
    • Suspend your account and withhold withdrawals until we receive satisfactory evidence (in our reasonable judgment) that the deposits and your play are not fraudulent.
    • Collect and process data related to your betting patterns, identity, financial documents, personal data, and deposit history, as well as share this information with relevant external agencies when necessary.
    • Void or refuse any bets, suspend your account, or withhold any payments as required, depending on ongoing investigations.
  8. Recovery of Losses: We reserve the right to seek recovery from you for any losses we incur, directly or indirectly, related to the activities outlined in this document. This right does not affect other legal rights we may have against you under our Terms and Conditions or otherwise.

  9. Liability: We disclaim liability for any losses you or others may experience as a result of collusive or otherwise prohibited behavior in breach of this document.

  10. Definitions: Any capitalized terms in this document shall have the meanings assigned to them in our Website’s Terms and Conditions.




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